The Cluetrain moves forward

Yesterday I fought CIFNA insurance, which was refusing to pay for my drugs because it was the second time in a year I asked for a refill in advance because I was going on vacation.  The story is online.

The company’s obtuseness, putting internal rules ahead of the welfare of their customers, really made me angry. In retrospect, I should not have let them get to me that much. I was in fighting mode.

I spent hours telling the world not to deal with CIGNA. I outlined what had happened and Tweeted it, along with YouTubes of Gordon Gecko, a retired CIGNA executive talking with Bill Moyers, and the famous “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” clip. I emailed CIGNA’s president, the State Insurance Commissioner, Medicare, and others.

This morning CIGNA backed down. I’ve got my drugs. I got a weird phone call a little while ago. I redialed. The woman on the line explained that she was trying to reach a colleague and absently minded dialed me in error since my phone number was right there in front of her. Ha ha. They’re doing damage control.

I’m of an age where I don’t feel like taking any shit from inept institutions. Next time I’ll stay cooler in the head but work to cause even more extensive damage.




Without the teacher

Six months ago I started taking a yoga class. One on one. I met with the teacher weekly for an hour but I could not for the life of me get into doing yoga at home.

Last month I told the teacher something was’t working. I wanted to go it on my own. That way I couldn’t rationalize that I could put off practice until the next session with her.  I stopped the weekly sessions.

Now I’m doing my yoga routine four or five days a week. The secret to motivation was throwing away the crutch of my instructor-led session.