Discovery: way to share a page of a private Plog

Request Feedback. 

request feedback

Pushing the button brings up this:


You can email a page for feedback or have people come that specific page in your Plog (and make comments if you left that unchecked).

Since we know that you will take your reflections, learnings, and goals more seriously if you are sharing them with colleagues or a mentor, this is a way to get more out of your Plog. You needn’t feel restrained, since the rest of your Plog is private, yours to share or keep to yourself.



My Plog is my anchor

Am I learning fast enough? Yes, I’ve managed to knock out the 300 dpi graphics, have completed this round of Real Learning, and am planning a templating thing with Word Press that would be totally different. Since my goal is to spread the Real Learning gospel more than to sell books, I think I’ll refine the Plog concept and then give it away. If people discover their goals, that’s great reason to start real learning.

When I need some piece of information, I’ve been quite adept at locating it. I’m improving my Discovery Page. I’m going to have to join the larger conversation about literacy and learning. NGOs. Charity. Grants. Talk about Unfamiliar territory.

I plan to use putting the Model Plog together as a prompt to review what I’ve recorded here, what was useful, what more is needed. Lots of folks are involved in this stuff. The Euros, esp the group I met in Saltzburg. I’ll need the drop-in Care package kit. Probably video added to other resources, more JDIs around a learning-to-learn agenda.

There’s still the option of a playlist. Very edited. But that’s another product.

If I landed $750K to experiment with, what would I do with it? That’s one to ponder.

I need to have a clearer picture of where I’m trying to take this. What does success look like?

Thought: perhaps Real Learning is but a prequel to a more refined product.