Answering others

I once began a speech spontaneously, saying I was glad I’d made it because I was looking forward to what I have to say.

Yesterday a fellow interviewed me for 90 minutes as part of his PhD thesis on entrepreneurship.

“What’s your plan after this project? he asked.

I replied that I’m 71 years old and have had three heart attacks. A¬†few years from now I expect to be dead.

Last night I read a friend’s plog. I love his #1 objective, “Be a better person.”

Clearly, I need to do a little more work on my “long term” goals.

With Real Learning, I am out to help make as many peoples’ lives more fulfilling as I can. I am thinking millions. I would like to be the catalyst in a learning revolution.


Find Your Calling

My calling is to help millions of people prosper by learning how to learn better. That’s my best shot at making a dent in the universe.

I’m making time for reflection. I’m learning yoga, meditation, and Heartmath.

I have to realize that I’m getting old and not going to live forever. It’s time to pace myself so I don’t burn out.