Letters, we get letters

A couple of days ago I was scouring the web, looking at other people’s books, papers, and programs to help people learn to learn. It’s pretty lean pickings. But I was impressed with the slick sign-up approach and first emails that arrive before you get to the course/link list/planning forms that you’ve just bought. The marketing outshines the reality.

I realized that the email I send out welcoming someone to the Aha Project was truly ho-hum. I fooled around with the formatting and ended up with something much more attractive.



Tomorrow I’m going to dig through the documentation and become a Chimp master. It will be a critical skill for following up with Aha! folks. I have already programmed letters to go out 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 weeks after purchase. They may become the Aha service.

I need to find out how much I can customize this puppy.