Going back, going back, going back to Nassau Hall

This May is my 50th reunion from Princeton.

Today I filled out a lengthy survey on what’s going on in my life. It’s a joint survey with Smith.

Reflecting on 50 years is a trip. I’m a much more positive, together, savvy person than I was in ’66. “If I knew then what I know now.” I was often lost in the woods; that’s probably why I want to be a guide now.

I have to write an essay that will end up in a glossy book about the class. Lessons. I am a persuader by nature.  I plan to write about Real Learning, depression, Berkeley, maybe Princeton.


12:30 am I should be in bed…

If I tell other people they must reflect — in writing or symbol — on their goals, their progress, what they need to know, picking and choosing the right way to get there — then I’ve got to take the same medicine, even when I’m dead tired.

Today I got a run-through of Adobe Connect. (Can I connect directly sans wireless?) Most conferencing problems are attributable to wi-fi. They are gun-shy of handing 50 attendees, for example not having video of speaker, no white board, no back and forth. May open up pirate.chat simultaneously.  Or whatever software could show my image/ screen in real time.


$$$$Musst sleep. LabCorp fasting at 9.

Learning model: macro and micro

Two theories of learning. Charles: There are many theories of learning, but I think we can boil the sum of adult learning down into four key areas:

  • Experiences: learning through exposure to new and challenging experiences.
  • Practice: learning through having the opportunity to practice and improve.
  • Conversation: learning through our interaction with others – informal coaching and mentoring, and building social networks inside and outside work.
  • Reflection: learning through having the opportunity to reflect on all of the above and plan further activities that will improve performance further.

Jos self-development

  • vision
  • capability
  • action plan
  •  workbook (online)


I have only the micro process thus far. I am off to document the macro now. Puff. Three hours later, it’s done.