Real Learner

People need to know what they’re shooting for. The graduate of some self-help programs on learning can type rapidly, skim text, and memorize things for tests. The graduate of Real Learning, whom I call a Real Learner, is changed person, a go-getter with an agenda. He or she comes equipped with a can-do attitude and the radar to know when to focus on social learning, when to turn to experiential learning, and when to let things happen informally.

Who would you prefer as a colleague, a rule-following traditionalist or a go-getter Real Learner?

I described what a Real Learner is and submitted it to Elearning Industry. This will test their limits. The article is 100% promotional, focusing on the graduate of Real Learning. If they need it neuterized, I could do it but I would need to publish the core article on internet time.  I need to have this to motivate individuals. It also gives corporate a taste of what they could be getting. In fact, maybe what I need for the corporate/institutional customer is a booklet incorporating the white papers and rationale for the program.


The first Internet Time Lab Salon took place this afternoon. My first sign-up emailed that he couldn’t make it five minutes before start time. Scott (from Jerry’s list) arrived first; then Sylvia Pauli (who has a 31 year old son in computational biology); later Timmy and Bill. It was a cordial conversation. It was a worthwhile session. I’m going to continue the tradition. Probably focus 90 minutes on learning, leave rest free-form.



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