Feedback as of October 27 2015

Survey of Real Learning Readers
August – October 2015

Would you recommend Real Learning to a friend or colleague?

26 = Yes, 0 = No.

What did you like about Real Learning?

Clear, actionable, with links to MANY on-line resources.

Dick Webster – Columbus, OH Principal – PRM Institute, Director – Community Improvement Resources Project

The practical side of it (JDI). Even if you are an experienced online learner, you either pick up new things, or say “okay, I have ignored that option for a while, but thanks to Jay I will do it … and right now!”

Inge de Waard, digital global citizen.

Jay’s style. Really cool introduction. Informal from top to bottom.

Jos Arets, TULSER

Its practicality, examples and simpleness.

Brent Mackinnon, Social Media Tools for Work & Learning

Lots of great ideas about how to learn and be successful.

Stephanie Jessup, PhD Instructional Design Manager, U.S. Bank

Authentic, simple-to-read and to-act-upon content that gets an upgrade once in a while.

Joachim Stroh, Sceenius


Action tips and a modern perspective on learning. A learning organization needs self-directed learning as distinctive capabilities for people around company.

Giovanni Vittadini, L&D Consultant

The title, the concept, the author and the description of why it was written.

Paul Terlemezian President, iFive Alliances, LLC Founder, Georgia LEARNS Now, LLC

Real Learning puts the responsibility for learning where it belongs–with the learner. That shift is essential. There is a corresponding shft that also needs to occur, which is that organizations need to acknowledge and accept that shift.

Jim McGee – former CKO/CLO of Diamond Management and Technology Consultants

That can make difference in the World of Learning.

Etelberto Costa Vice President APG (

Simple language. Practical tips. Links to other interesting articles.

Khalid Joomaye

It is written in plain language. I appreciate the references to research as well as the personal flavour of the writing. Honestly, I could hear Jay’s voice as I read and felt I was getting a clear view of his passion for helping others learn in effective and meaningful ways.

Angela van Barneveld, PhD Lakehead University / IBM Canada



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