Professional goals

this is different than professional skills. Or just skills. those I suggest tracking on a single page with update and comments.

I want to create a groundswell in DIY learning by spreading the gospel of Real Learning far and wide. It’s more than learning: it’s getting along in the new culture, becoming self-sufficient, understanding how to make wise choices, pulling knowledge by social/experiential/informal learning into one’s repertoire, and building the self-confidence to take on stretch goals on the job, in the career, and for the rest of your life.

Managing the development and improvement of product will be a challenge. Fun if I do it entirely my way. Things I will have to master to take Real Learning to the next stage:

  • recruiting partners
  • social media marketing
  • my video persona

Need to put together team of supporters to make Real Learning work. This takes selling, relationship building. While I’d thought of just running Real Learning on a shoestring, the best Jay can do with $500 sort of deal. Now I’m thinking it would be a shame not to seize the opportunity to come out with ever spiffier models. That takes cash. Then a few business developers. Customers who have you on call.

I’d rather be the mad genius than the entrepreneur. I want to start this operation, show the potential, and find someone or some foundation or start-up to give stewardship to.

I need to figure out if whether Read Learning is going to look like this, sort of Uncle Jay’s advice. Think Stewart Brand. Sharing tools. Thinking long term. Quirky. That may be stage 1.


or like this, which I haven’t read yet but seems to offer the same promise as Real Learning. I’ve looked at 25 how-to-learn books and found most of them concentrate on study skills. With some time management, speed reading, typing, and memory skills stapled on top. Not that practical if you want to tackle things at a more fundamental level, by adopting the practices of a Real Learner.


or this, which tackles things at a higher level.

Real Learners, the name I’ll use for people who have taken the Real Learning philosophy to heart, savor the essence of every new experience. They become meta-learners, equipped to learn how to learn, to work smarter, and to meet their aspirations. They tend to be go-getters, people who are always a little ahead of the crowd.

New front cover design


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