Notes on Docebo/Aberdeen Study

The New 70:20:10
the Changing Face of Learning

35% of orgs says they need a strong leadership bench. That would include meta-learning, n’est-ce pas?

Also need ability to be more agile.


creating new knowledge — Nonaka. Wasn’t this debunked?

Beyond the LMS: Learn. Coach. Share

LMS claims to facilitate informal and experiential learning. What? By adding reporting requirements? I prefer a measurement system that informs the learner, not some beancounter in HR.

“WIthout an effective way to get real time visibility on what’s really happening in a new learning organization, it’s next to impossible to introduce new informal and social learning initiatives. Programs need to be tracked and quantified in order for stakeholders to get any meaningful information.”

That paragraph is a crock. It’s an LMS providers wet dream. People learn informally and socially all the time without a measurement system.

This report is wrong-headed but it does highlight the need for me to position Real Learning as a creator of agility, management effectiveness, etc.


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