meta meta

For the Real Learning Project to take hold, it will need broad support. Product development will be on-going. New groups will have to join the party.

This takes more than Jay. The Project needs an advisory team that sees the potential and can bring wisdom, funding, production advice, and introductions. It’s time for me to check in with Howard, Bob, Clark, and Marcia, get their counsel.

Jay is to a certain extent selling Jay and the Jay brand of irreverent, cut-to-the-chase, honest but prickly, working to fix-tomorrow’s-problems-advice I spew.   At this point in life, however, I’m not hopping on airplanes and putting on make-up frivolously. Someone else is going to have to be the public face on this.

I’ve thought about how I can continue to enrich the subject matter/experiences in Real Learning. For one thing, I can share videos.


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