Badges for Real Learning?

I am concerned about motivating people to finish the Real Learning basic program. Could badges be the answer? I called a friend who is an expert and we had lunch together.

Badges are a viable way to motivate people toward completion. Accomplishment must be observable and vetted by a human although this could be peer to peer.

Check Anne’s MOOC on the subject

Earn a few badges myself to see what it’s like.

Check out these resources:

Peer 2 Peer University

Designing Collaborative Workshops (p2pu)

Wednesdays, 12 pm ET / 9 am PT  / 5pm BST
Potential steps toward Real Learning badge
1. Written goals for job, career, life
2. Stretch assignments at work
3. Socialize actively
4. Monitor progress of learning
5. Work out loud
6. Assess and reinvent learning process
7. Demonstrate new capabilities and confidence

tumblr_mjo47aWfbA1qfzgweo1_r1_1280For the short term, Real Learning could incorporate a checklist of the primary components. Pre-populate the Plogs? I should be able to export template pages for reader Plogs (checklists, tags, categories, evaluation instructions, sample plan format.

Damn. That’s a great idea. A true innovation. Loadable templates.

Looking at the documentation, it would make sense to put together a model site and then export the whole thing. Export the model on a WRX file. Offer WRX for input to new Plog. Make this open to the world? Why not?

Changing the home page. I’m really selling: the Real Learning platform.



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