I’ve long held that conversations are the most important learning technologies ever invented. Beer is number 2.

Clark and I had a delightful, far-ranging lunch. Pizza and a couple of beers. Just being with someone else kicks my thinking into high gear.

I’ve decided to make the Internet Time Lab a reality.  Need regular drop-in times. Salons. Tuesday  2-6 pm.  Announce beforehand.

My social skills are deficient. My social contacts are few. This will help fix that part of my network. Actually, this is an ideal time for me to prune and expand my network. Take my own advice, especially since I’m changing focus, and eliminate the folks who don’t add value. Invite people to follow me if they like but don’t maintain mail list? Or one list for all, prospects, learners, whomever. Gotta think this one through.

My subcontractor in Lahore has been coming up with excuses instead of work for so long that I cannot trust him to get the job done. Even so, Abdullah is not up for back and forth; it’s not the way I want to work. I will pick another contractor tomorrow, one who has done this before. I just emailed him to quit whatever he was doing. So now I jump back into recruiting mode. I don’t know if I could have figured on Abdullah’s flakiness. Next time I’ll put a little baksheesh in the cash drawer.

I’ve been toying with retrieving memories with photographs from the past. Here’s a new one. Pictures of puppies make people happy. Happy people are more productive. How many copies of this can I sign you up for?






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