back to hiring someone for page design and e-book prep

Saturday, October 10, 2015

AbdullahSource files are available in our shared Dropbox folder:

The Real Learning website is at

As we discussed, the project includes all aspects of making Real Learning a successful print and e-book.

You will provide advice and guidance on look and feel, the cover, marketing suggestions, how to make changes, and whatever else it takes to get a professional looking, effective book into the marketplace. I expect to be able to call on you for advice until the end of the year.

You need to understand what this project is all about and be driven by its guidelines. I want to take advantage of what you know rather than micro-manage you.

As I mentioned, I am going to set up a new community to replace Google+ and will need to write new instructions to copy and paste into the Real Learning manuscript.

We must have printed copies of the book in Berlin at the end of November. I’ve been using Lulu as a publisher. It takes a while to print, review, approve, print, and ship with them. And then I have to ship the books to Germany.

October 13. No reply. I will tell him no and delete his file. I am learning that some people talk total shit while sounding reasonable, blithely promising delivery dates they never intend to meet. It’s best to go with vetted sources. Tomorrow I will sort through. The job’s not that far from completion.

Could a good Word jockey spiff up the doc for publication?





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