The Real Learning book version 1.0 is coming down to the wire. I’ve got to stop producing so the manuscript can be locked down. I have to put together a section on signing up to join the community.  Other than that, I may declare this as the final input for 1.0.

Changing the community, speculating on tracking in one’s Plog, All this can wait for the next version.

I have fresh ideas that would  make the message better, but those are always going to be coming in. I need holding area for what comes next. That can be open to readers. It will take the pressure off me to write to deadline rather than when something is fully formed.

So where’s my learning in this?

I promised a fellow I’d write three white blog posts on Real Learning. The first is on the rise of informal learning, the next about Real Learning. The third and final paper will address a dilemma that’s lurked in the recessed of my mind: how does an organization adopt Real Learning en masse? I ran at the problem, using automatic writing, seeing what would come out.

I tried to whip out the message but was banging my head against the wall.  Form the Learning Organization proposed by Senge long ago in The Fifth Discipline?

At the meeting on the mountain in Stoos, we grappled with the need for transformation of corporations. Lean management, agile leadership, Radical Management, Enterprise 3.0, etc.

Forgetting this worldview had dragged me back to model of the organization as machine. Informal learning and bottom-up change aren’t going to take in the old-style org.  Real Learning is most useful for organizations that are committed to transform themselves in order to survive in the future.  Otherwise, orgs can spread Real Learning kits like seeds, betting that some will fall on fertile soil (an individual who is allreay hungry for change.)

This is where the Workscape notion comes in.

The learning is that all the things I’m working on and have been (I thought) chasing down (Stoos, Yoga+, etc) for the last 3+ years have a coherence.




It’s all coherent! This for me is a breakthrough. I’ve created the seeds to sew. I’ll encourage others to be the ecologist who make these seeds grow.



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