plogging is slogging

i admit it: i stopped posting to my Plog while on vacation. I didn’t want to pigeon-hole my experiences, especially so because I visited some vortex places that could give you the shivers. I’m going to put together a slide show for bookshelf display. Mood shots. Play lists. Favorites.

I’m trying to keep up with input from Inge and I need to query Richard Boyazis.

also, i’m trying to plan my work and work my plan.

10/9/15 I have a lot to do. I’m going to multitask by tracking where I am on certain topics.

Inge suggests perhaps a game. At the very least, video walk throughs. Narrated screen casts. Merit badges? Win points for tracking ….Bragging and Bummed out categories for strokes and blows.

This is a community deal. Means to work with someone else. Buddy up. Form into groups. vs Spontaneity. That’s one of the challenges of having a DIY program when I alone is insufficent. my next blogeral will look at groups and individuals.


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