Need Visionary Book Designer

I’d never used freelancers hired on the web before this project.

Posted this to Upwork. Freelancer. People per hour.


Thought a subcontractor was working on this but in six days, he could not come up with a sample or tell me about his approach. 10/17/15: starting the search again.

Tasks: Prepare book manuscript for printing and e-publishing.

Design page layout for book on Real Learning.

File in Word is here.  Manuscript is 217 6×9 pages containing 39,000 words and 70 graphics.


Page design, look and feel. Need appearance which is credible but friendly. Graphics are fine as is for this version

Prepare file for submission to Lulu. Presumably in Adobe InDesign.

Create e-versions. Kindle, ePub, pdf, mobi.

Cover is in pretty good shape. It requires getting “Real Learning” the correct size and placement.

real cover


Special case:

This book will always be in beta. I expect to slipstream changes and improvements every few months. In other words, I need a template that’s not going to fall apart when I make additions to the text.

I’d like to work with someone who understands the mission of the book and the challenge of enticing people to follow its directives. Here’s a description of the project.  If you’re a true believer, you might think of this as a trophy project. I am committed to taking Real Learning to millions of people.  About me.

I’m new at this and can also use help on marketing and using the right distributors. The job includes hand-holding and providing advice while getting things running.


I intend to release the book at a conference in Berlin in late November. That means completing this job within the next two weeks.


Show me comparable projects you’ve completed in the past. I’m looking for someone who has designed books and ebooks, not a logo designer.

Tell me why you’re the person to do this job.


This project is being run on a shoestring. Everything’s coming out of my pocket. I don’t have tens of thousands to spend. However, I’m not looking for charity, either.

Tell me what you would charge to complete the project at your standard rates.

I will trade off quality and price so don’t give me an unrealistically low estimate. I turned away a fellow who said he’d do all this for $125.

Feel free to email or Skype me with your questions and suggestions.

Jay Cross
Internet Time Group

jaycross on Skype

1/510 525-9487

Next day follow-up

I received dozens of responses. Only a few were more than boilerplate.

I realized that I’d miscast the assignment. I want someone who is going to think things through and apply ingenuity, not just dump text into a template. No “I can do this in 24 hours” types. I prefer someone who’ll stick with me for weeks. A fellow in Lahore is a graphic designer. We skyped last night and he’s writing up a proposal.


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