My visual monkey mind

I awoke with the idea that Real Learning is a follow-up to Informal Learning.


Instead of a choice of riding a bus or riding a bike, a real learner rides a motorcycle. I used Google to find pictures of some great motorcycles: Norton, Vincent, BMW, Ducati, Benelli.. Then I realized not everyone can picture themselves on a motorcycle. Maybe a Vespa. Or, aha!, a car.

I was lost for an hour scrolling through pictures of beautiful cars and motorcycles. My mind enjoys this. Lots of mini-stimulation. It’s flow experience: I can get lost in it.

bentley bmw128 porsche car tesla vespa norton vincent

Which of these images go best with the bus and bike?

I’ll model a few in PowerPoint and see what appears to work.


fast and slow

The best way to figure this out is to experiment and see how things look.


The Norton motorcycle looks good. Motorcycle to bike is the right metaphor. Same freedom of motion but this time going faster.

The Vespa looks dowdy compared to the bikes. The Vincent looks like a fragile antique. The Ducati is clearly a racing bike and Real Learning is more regular transportation. The cars just don’t do it for me. I think the Norton is my best choice.

Back to the graphics. This is more in the way of advertising than book illustration (although it would be a good idea to tell this story in the book as well.)

I’m imagining I’m David Ogilvey or BIll Bernback.




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