Training “a waste”

Why Your Employee Training Is A Waste Of Time And Money — And What To Do About It


There’s a science to this. As David Rock explains in Your Brain at Work, when you learn anything for the first time, you rely on the pre-frontal cortex. Doing so takes a lot of cognitive power and energy. Once you repeat something again and again, it moves to the basal ganglia of the brain and becomes a habit. Tapping that knowledge is not energy intensive. That is why we find it easy to drive from home to work every day, but very difficult to navigate a new city from behind the steering wheel. Once what is learned becomes a habit, someone is ready to move onto the next piece of training.

Training without implementation is just an intellectual journey – and most of us would rather go to the movies or read a great book. At the end of the day the question to ask yourself is:  Will the training change the way we do stuff around here? If not, don’t waste your timeand money. Take your team to the movies instead.


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