Brainstorming with a new friend

I reached out to someone in a related field whose blog I’d read but hadn’t met F2F. We had a one-hour Skype session this morning and I’m brimming with ideas for follow up.

  • Host video conferences on Citrix
  • Enable people to choose learning buddies, much like the software the late Joe Miller was working on
  • Provide a clickable map to content areas
  • Break into pieces and perhaps issue badges
  • Set up a hub (Stacks) to connect groups, e.g. shared workspace hubs
  • Best prospects may be those who do not work for large companies, the contingent workforce and denizens of small companies. They have no career-building infrastructure at al
  • Position Aha! as a series of experiments.
  • Career resilience, strengthen relevance to career growth
  • Humanity always focused on the short term. Wake up cal
  • Chambers of Commerce, some now offering leadership courses

I need to do this more often. Who’s next?


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