Had a one-hour HeartMath session with Kristina this morning.

I had sort of a weak image in mind for HeartMath’s commandment to “breathe through your heart.” You need to think of a big pumping heart that’s centered in the chest and expands as you breathe. I never got this from HeartMath’s instructions. I think I’ll write them. I’ve been so head-on creating graphics for Aha! , reading back through design books about the rule of thirds and the golden ratio and such, that graphics on my mind

Also, I find that as I write about reflection, I myself am reflecting more on my experience, Today I was trying to integrate emotion into my breathing First neutral, then negative (Vulnerable to attack!) and finally safe and serene (my cocoon.) I’ll have to practice this to make it part of my routine


Contrarian marketing and Aha1’s target customer

When I was marketing manager of a start-up medical records business, I initially expected the sloppiest doctors to want to automate patient records to lower their risk of lawsuits and make up for their illegible handwriting.

P1070026 (1)

P1070023 (1)

As I talked with the docs (I was “SVP of Physician Relations”), I realized I had it wrong.

badrec Doctors with indecipherable handwriting and incomprehensible patient charts don’t give a damn how their records look. They would never think of paying $500 for a software program to make them look spiffy. (Those scribbles are a real chart from a practicing rheumatologist.)

Our best prospects were neat freaks. Their records already looked like they’d been written by a elementary school teacher of the Palmer method. They lived uncluttered lives but figured there were still room for a little more progress.

Which brings me to Aha!

A friend of mine just bought Aha! I know he’s into it because he wrote me for advice on how to update his Plog by email. This is a thought leader who’s been in the field for 35 years. He kibitzes with Stanford faculty and corporate senior management. He’s like the neat-freak doctors. He’s mastered many topics. (He used to write one major white paper a month.) But he’s concerned he might not be learning as effectively as he might.

He emailed me “I consider myself someone who has been an informal learner ever since I got out of college, and I enjoy and seek new, interesting and enjoyable learning opportunities–especially when they are social and interactive. BUT, I am not sure I am as systematic and conscious about the various ways I learn and what I engage in through my various learning journeys. So, if your Aha! Project can help in that regard, I am ready.”

Maybe the market is not the clueless but rather, people who are already effective learners who yearn to improve.