Lots of learning

I am creating the graphics for Aha! This afternoon I browsed the 15 books in my design library: Tufte, Alexander, an inspiring book on book design, and others. I’m marinating in it.


Earlier I read a new book on MOOCs and open educational resources while in the tub.

In moving books around, I came upon a list of Informal Learning practices I’d written two years ago. Every one of them made it into the Aha! framework. Maybe I’m not coming up with enough new stuff.

Aha’s from working on the book are coming fast and furious. I can hardly wait to write my take on innovation.

A nuisance arose in the form of my Skype being hacked. I’ve learning more than I wanted to know about locking down my systems. I detest the vandals that mess things up just for the hell of it.