MOOCS and Open Education

This morning I read MOOCs and Open Education by Bonk, Lee, Reynolds and Reeves

Aha! will need to describe MOOCs and OER

the power of peers to push each other to new heights.

18% registered after a recent Stanford MOOC had closed

In the Rhizo14 MOOC… participants continued the course without a teacher filling the role of guide or decision maker for another 6 weeks, with activity in the Facebook, Twitter, and the Google+ realm, and the communal learning process carrying on.


Coursera has a computer assign classmates to give one another feedback but this falls short of personalized learning.


I need to check the NRC’s work on Personal Learning Environments, esp. their prototype LPSS or Learning and Performance Support System. The goal of the LPSS is to create a single point of access to all skills development and training needs, with individual learning paths, context-aware support, searchable and verifiable skills and competency records, and tailoring to industry needs as required.

Jesus, it is a pain in the leg to copy long URLs from a printed page. I will try Googling these instead.

Downes Half an Hour. learning and performance support systems.

The objective is to build a system where individuals can access, and get credit for, learning from any education provider at all, whether from home, the workplace, or at a school.

The LPSS includes

  • a personal learning management tool that will manage a person’s learning and training records and credentials over a lifetime, making it easier for employers to identify qualified candidates and for prospective employees to identify skills gaps;
  • and a personal learning assistant that enables a student or employee to view, update and access training and development resources whether at home or on the job, at any time.


(I’ve signed up to beta test the learning environment)

Now reading Stephen’s Free Learning, Essays on open educational resources and copyright

Bong. AECT Anaheim 2014

Kop New dimensions to slf-directed learning in an open networked environment  International Journal of Self-Directed Learning…

Nathan Shedroff. Experience Design.