New version, organizational transformation

Lulu is now selling version 0.82 of Aha! in soft cover for $16. I’ve also updated the downloadable file on the Aha! online store; it’s version 083 and sells for $2.99.

I asked Selz (the store software) to sell all customers a copy of the update. I might as well get feedback on the current version.

Had lunch with a consultant who would like to use Aha! as part of a campaign to change an organization’s corporate culture.

Aha! embodies the values of the modern workplace: authenticity, transparency, experiential learning, openness, and respect for the individual.

Implementing Aha! on a large scale can help implant those values from the bottom up. Team leaders would walk team members through Aha!, using the techniques it presents to help people learn about and internalize the new attitudes about how things are done.

This won’t happen without project champions. It’s disappointing that this particular company’s attempt to install an in-house conferencing system failed. People were still in information hoarding mode. (Do that at GE and you receive a pink slip.)

They are going to have to make another run at social networking; its the circuitry for creating and swapping knowledge. This time it’s not an option. As the book says, “Do or do not. There is no “try.” (said Yoda).


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