Marketing shift

Aha! is not selling a book; it’s pursuing a dream.

The Aha! Project is dedicated to helping people prosper by learning to learn. The book, the community, the links, and the advice focus on learning experientially to achieve professional and life goals.

Hence, the Ahasite will focus on the Project first and only then the book. I’ve just moved things around to reflect this.

The project may create deliverables and services beyond the book and we need a foundation structure that will accommodate that growth.




I worked all day, most of the time totally in flow. Learn it, do it, see if it worked. Reminds me of the euphoria I felt learning HTML. “View Source” = immediate feedback.

I could work for weeks like this and remain a happy camper. But nothing happens without other people. I’m reaching out to old friends and distant connections. There’s often a direct tie from my interests to theirs. ┬áThis is the more exciting part of the Aha! deal as well, the forging of new connections.