Prepping text for Lulu

Pick neutral fonts. Times New Roman, Arial, or Garamond.


Set BODY text to Arial 10

Going back through text to push everything inside new margins.

Reset font in boxes to Arial. Ditto all quotes at start of chapter.

Adding page breaks so chapters open on odd numbered page.

Removed headers and footers. Putting page number back.  Will headers and footers give trouble? “First page header outside of print area” appears to be a Word bug. I am not going to worry about it.

Replaced four lo-res images with 300 dpi output from Photoshop.

Reloaded pdf to Lulu. The flipping page size reverted to 9×12. WTF?

Damn. pdf is missing left 1″ of content. Problem shows if I open in Adobe Reader. Something is seriously wrong in the translation of Word to pdf margins.  (I’m looking for guidance on the web.)

And of course the document’s margins in Format > Document are reasonable, yes?

And the paragraph margins are properly set? …yes, now. I was a little over the line.
Does changing the font help?

To diagnose, it will help if you can see the non-printing boundaries of the page. Go to Word > Preferences > View and in the Show  section, place a check mark in “Text boundaries.”

We recommend addressing the following:

  • We detected low resolution images in your file (pages 4, 8-9, 18). For best results we recommend image resolution of 300 ppi.
  • Fonts smaller than 6pts do not consistently print clearly (pages 26, 31-32, 50-51, 55, 100, 103, 145, 178). Please increase your font size and re-upload your file. (Those are superscripts for footnotes.)

Finally, after a full day of making corrections and resizing graphics and what-not, I have a revised pdf going to Lulu. This is version 0.82

Version 0.83 Ahasite will be 0.82 but with page numbers, table of contents, and index restored. I hope I don’t have to re-draw graphics. Re-do margins to center text.

It’s evening and I’m not there yet. Need to stuff the boxes in the LP into the margins. And whatever this is…

This message is to confirm that we finished making your print-ready file for Aha! Get Smart.

We made the following changes:

        • We detected and flattened transparencies in your file.

We recommend addressing the following:

• We detected low resolution images in your file. For best results we recommend image resolution of 300 ppi.

Hmmm. Flattening. Isn’t that where Word saves space on saving? Can’t hurt to try. So flatten .082 and save as .082x. convert to pdf and try at LuLu
Trying .082 at Lulu at 11:30 pm.
The new text is done. Next is assembling the cover. This will doubtless involve Photoshop, an app I’ve never studied, so I hope someone is going to lead me by the hand.
 Sunday, August 9th
Watching YouTube videos to figure out how to use Photoshop to create the cover. There are some awful YouTube videos out there. I just watched three of them, got nowhere. Some of the “tutorials” don’t even have sound! They are just a recording of what goes on on screen with zero explanation.
So far to good. I played around with Photoshop until I had a front and back covers together. Now I’m trying to upload them to Lulu.
 Whew. Version .082 is now on sale on Lulu
Now I will update the online edition adding back in page numbers, contents, index and stripping off the ISBN. This will be 083. Maybe. MS Word is crashing.
Spine Width: 0.394in
Cover Size: 12.64 x 9.25in
Spine Begins: 6.125in

eReader devices often cannot accurately display complex content such as:

  1. Charts
  2. Text boxes
  3. Scientific or mathematic formulas
  4. Embedded objects such as HTML, Smart Art, etc.

If you must include any of the above, we recommend replacing the text with a high-quality JPEG image.

for stuff overhanging the margins. 


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