Joy of Plogs

Marketing tool.

I propose to develop a self-assessment tool, a 15 page planning template and advice. “Excerpt” from Aha! This is a freebie. If people set goals, they’ll probably join Aha! 

Self assessment and setting life goals are the focus of two chapters of Aha! Commitment to written goals motivates exploration of the JDIs.

Excerpt and expanded focus on self assessment and setting goals
Encourage people to set up Plogs

Many people will benefit by having a structured way to consider their career development and advancement. 40% of the U.S. labor force is in contingent jobs now (is that right?–check). Twenty-somethings just setting out on their career journeys and need a foundation. People at all levels in organizations who want to better themselves and become smarter and more savvy. 

This is a free stand-alone public service. Should probably include a fill-in-the-blanks pdf version.

Self Assessment and Progress Log

plogThe Aha! flavor of learning is less about study skills or speed reading and more about where your life is headed. It seeks to make improved ways of learning second nature. Often all it takes to make a great practice part of your repertoire is a brief introduction, a quick exercise in doing it, and deciding whether that channel is a keeper or not. The mantra at Aha! is just do it. That’s where the learning takes hold.

General advice for living a good life: Examine your dreams and strengths. Imagine yourself in one, five, ten, and more years out into the future. Got the vision? Then ponder the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Scribble some audacious future visions into your Plog. You think about what sorts of experience you need because you’re going learn your craft or management skills by doing them.

You record all of this in your Plog, because trust me on this you’re going to come back to what you’ve written.

A father tells his 18 year-old son how he’s going to treasure looking at a roadmap of how he learned his way into being a professional musician and entrepreneur. An ounce of prevention…

SA & CD,

(two chapters from Aha! go here)

closure = come learn here.  pointers to worthy resources.

for next version:

What about online courses, MOOCs, lectures, schools, and packaged eLearning? Aha! can’t help you. Some online courses are like bad movies. Others are inspiring masterpieces. The free or cheap online education space is expanding exponentially. Our advice: Shop carefully. Their course may be free but your time isn’t. Here’s  a great list of 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learners.


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