from Learning is more important than knowing
Javier Martinez Aldanondo

If learning is so important, then it is imperative to know how to learn. Every time I wonder how we learn, two curious things happen: First, respondents hesitate long before answering, as if they had never asked the question. And second, his answer faithfully reproduces the model acquired at school:You do a course run by a teacher, they deliver content, study … Fortunately, here too things are improving. Two weeks ago, I asked the participants in an innovation workshop learn how? and to my surprise, and quite naturally they responded ” doing “. If the process of knowledge production is called learning, better you become an expert in the art of learning because your life depends on it.But beware, do not confuse learning with study . Learning is the best exercise for the brain. The feature that makes us human is the ability to learn. In the US, there is talk of the concept of “Learning agility “(agility and flexibility to learn) as the main quality of a professional of the century.

When someone has the ability to learn, you can come to know anything. But if you get only what you know and you do not keep learning, either because you are not interested or do not have the humility to recognize that you do not know everything, you run a deadly risk. True ignorance is not lack of knowledge but refuse to learn. If you have to choose, it is more valuable the ability to learn (which generates new knowledge continuously) that cling to one to know and try to exploit it.

if you depend solely on what you know, you quickly depreciate, lose validity and value. The only remedy to avoid anquilosarte (getting stuck) is learning. For the present, knowledge is essential. For the future, learning is the key. The writer Mario Benedetti expressed splendidly “When we thought we had all the answers, suddenly, they changed all the questions.” You can not stop learning. The good news, as reflected in a recent book uncle and coach Rafael Nadal, is that everything can be learned . It is time to change ” so you know, are worth “with” so you learn, are worth “. By the way, you learn something yesterday?



The Big Think

Aha! shows you how to learn to be the person you aspire to be.

You’ll be acquiring mountains of so-called tacit knowledge. That’s the unspeakable stuff you pick up in part through osmosis as you work with your colleagues. Tacit knowledge has been described as “know-how” as opposed to “know-that” (facts). Philosopher Michael Polyani says it comes about because we know more than we can tell.

The Aha! approach starts with self assessment and goal setting, Reflection. Think long term with that Plog. (Probably beef up the structure there.)

The key to acquiring tacit knowledge is experience. Without some form of shared experience, it is extremely difficult for people to share each other’s thinking processes[7]


Turning adversity into opportunity

The most loyal customers are those you’ve screwed up with and apologized to.

Several years ago I called the head of a European consulting outfit to scold him for using my group’s IP,  visuals and all, at a presentation at ASTD National. We enjoyed one another’s company. Soon thereafter we were working together. We are now allies and the best of friends.

It may be happening again. A verb had copied three paragraphs from one of my white papers and tried to pass it off as their company philosophy. (At least they copy the very best.) We may be at the start of a beautiful friendship.