Thoughts on what I need to figure out


Jay Cross: …where the Aha! book is headed. People tell me it’s great, just what we needed. But no one does the exercises and therefore they aren’t going to learn much. As I wrote earlier, this material has to be put in front of people who are hungry to learn and willing to do something about it. That’s the acid test.

Empower groups to take on barriers to Aha! values such as authenticity, openness, sharing, and mindfulness. Strengthen teams.

I am still freaked out by this stat from Clark’s and my survey of CLOs in 2009.

Our People Growing Fast Enough

Clearly, it was time to hand the reins over to the cowboys riding the horses. Ye of little faith, find a new religion.

Aha! is a framework for learning. From where are you now and identifying the Gaps for where you want to be.

Thought: Richard Bolles, god bless him, changed the way people sought jobs. Instead of “I’m a jobless supplicant who will do whatever you tell me to,” job seekers asked for information interviews. Nothing personal, speed dating, we know why people do information interviews.

Aha! needs to distill the key memes into a few repeatable Aha! principles. Like the information interview, people could talk about rinse-lather-repeat or whatever monikers we gin up. The Aha! Koans.

There’s another more philosophical book in there, a Jonathan Lehrer spellbinder with job aids for everyman, but I have no interest in writing it. I may blog a few pages and I never know what might inspire me for a deep dive, but a serious scholarly tome is not what we set out to produce.

Jay Cross: I need organizations to partner with. They field test the materials, probably tweaked to their needs. They measure results. We both bask in their success. We’ll be releasing a brief on taking a swat team approach to changing corporate culture directly by focusing on learning for all. How can I get better at what I do? It’s in the book/program.

A friend in Florida wants to publish the book. I have reservations. Or maybe I write a small, tight 60-80 page book with the philosophy that he publishes and I publish the Aha! Workbook which is the JDIs and links. The Workbook’s the stuff that will be changing.

Hmm… The “thin” version would be pure essence. Heavy on JDI. Still connect to site, which changes all the time. But have to assume that without incentive, some readers will miss the “Magic Site” with the keys. Give them a map of some sort? Instructions for use. Two minute demo?

I fear losing control of the project but I’m a one-man band here. Do I want to live my last years on earth juggling editors, printers, elance no-shows and what-not? Not really. I will not do it well and have to hand hings off to others who can take it to the next level.
Jay Cross: I know the book doesn’t cover everything (mobile? MOOCs? edX? YouTube? TED) although if you don’t already know some of these through the grapevine, you’re a loser who is unlikely to learn squat. It takes initiative. Moxie. Grit.
I haven’t been able to get ANY feedback and without that Aha! stagnates. The eighty people reading Aha! at the moment aren’t taking the survey, joining the community, or even visiting the links I put together (and consider an integral piece of changing behavior) links to everything in the text, by chapter, easy to find at And I asked in the text five times that they should come to the site to accompany their reading. They aren’t.

My Advisory Board are friends and swell people but they don’t respond to my pleas for guidance on our private Facebook page. Nor do many in the community. Perhaps my expectations are too high.

Read my “learning out loud” Plog for what’s on my mind.

Advice from a Skype session with a member of the Advisory Group…

I need to reflect on purpose of book. Simplify. Give them one link, not three.

There’s so much available on the net these days that I must provide more than just information. Guidance, how-to, discovery.

Current book is at our level, not theirs. Most people would not do what we do.


I have to decide whether the book looks professional or looks Jayish. Professional is the way to go but Jayish will be mistaken for amateurism. Graphics will need an upgrade.

Having separate links site is the only way to provide a lot of links.

It’s important that this be my book.  I can’t trust an outside editor to make it say what I want it to say. Better to work with Richard to produce a solid foundation manuscript. Then I can explore other options for distribution.