Alternate Reality

The Ahasite is the natural companion to Aha! I can’t imagine reading Aha online without flipping back and forth to the links at Ahasite. It’s an integral part of the experience. I just glanced at the stats for Ahasite. Nobody is visiting Ahasite. I don’t get it.


There are some very cool things in the chapter links but I am the only one to have seen them. I do not understand. No one had the curiosity to follow the instructions in the book and click over to the resource site? I am aghast. I have called this entirely wrong.


I am heading to bed feeling like the Aha! mascot. WTF? This, coupled with the lack of feedback from anywhere, shows I have no connection with my readers, whom I expected to want to play around with a few things and click to videos and links on Ahasite.

How on earth could someone read something on an internet-enabled device, and be instructed and cajoled again and again that you must click here go to Ahasite, the companion site, the place where the links are, and never push for the link?

How can I have been this blind?

Well, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought, but it’s still bad, bad, bad to the core. Without links, this book is a paperweight.

more statsThe declining numbers suggest some people simply haven’t gotten to the latter chapters yet.


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