Hey, I’m working out loud here

My Plog is doing double-duty. This is now where I’m working out loud. I’ll document my thinking here for those I work with to see. And for all the usual reasons. If a reader sees I need advice, I hope they’ll give it. If you can learn from my work, be my guest.

I’m also loop back to things, like now, when I’m working on cover ideas and it’s still an open project. I’ll post what happens there under the post for that topic.

I am down today. I sent a letter asking for feedback yesterday to our 87 subscribers. 24 hours later; half have not opened it. MailChimp reports that 47% (41 people) opened it. Three of them clicked through to the Survey. Three have taken the survey. Without valid feedback, I can only do so much with the product. I need some people who are going to do the exercises and report back on it, sort of an immense Learning Out Loud situation.

I recall some of the most satisfying learning of my life, figuring out HTML. For a while I was a whiz. Then the tech passed me by. But the joy came from immediate feedback. I’ll see something I liked, click View Source, rework a few lines and try it out. It was wonderful and the feedback was ever-present. Super rapid learning from immediate feedback.

Now I am empty handed regarding Aha! I’m getting no feedback. I have to figure out what to do. Clark says I’m jumping the gun, that people need more time. It’s summer, for God’s sake. I wish to hell I’d imbedded the survey links into the text. I think I’ll sneak that into version .81. Give your results, see aggregate results as a reward. Perhaps do this chapter by chapter. Record your experience; see how others felt. Chapter-by-chapter. Realized through Survey Share. For example, here are the current survey results.

I have to target folks with large potential audiences to do some testing. Live testing on anybody hungry to learn would be a good start. I plan to lay out the offer in video. If heartfelt and done just right, perhaps I can break into the mainstream with my message.


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