Working out loud again

I should probably rename this my Working Out Loud blog, for this is where I encourage you to look over my shoulder so you can understand what I’m up to and perhaps help me out.

I’m prepping version .081 of Aha! and realize it would be useful to explain how I see the eBook, the printed book, and what you will get directly from me, the most up to date draft of the next printed and official versions. I have yet to look into marketing very deeply since I have been preoccupied with creating the product.


The Gonzo Version.  $2.99. Available only at The latest draft, without editing. Updated continuously. You buy it and if it changes enough, you throw it away and buy another. This is where experiments happen. Comes with commitment to  join the Aha! Community and offer suggestions for future versions.

The Printed Version. $16. Available on Lulu, Amazon, everywhere.  New version in the works to be published in August. Still in beta but cleaned up considerably.

e Versions.  Dn’t know yet.  I’m going to reformat Aha! into Adobe InDesign and will be able to generate epubs in all forms. Distribution? I don’t know.


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