Watching myself learn. Voyeurs welcome. I’m working out loud.

I have tens of thousands of words to write about the Aha! Project. Rather than write a treatise, I put new ideas into emails and private blog holding tanks. I write the words when I need them. Talking with a person in mail makes it easier to keep track of what’s what. Or to explore a new environment. For example, this riff from my last outbound email:

You three are good guys of the loose-knit L&D leadership community of practice. (I think the L&D uber-community is real although it defies traditional boundaries and is often electronic.) I want to pay back the community with this DIY learning project. As it stands, the book’s a piece of crap. But it has good bones and aggressively incorporating feedback can make it a truly effective way to change behavior a couple of years hence.
Dozens of people are reviewing the manuscript. I’m looking for organizations that haven’t done squat in the realm of informal learning. (They haven’t known what to do!) To ease their guilt over having done nothing for a top KPA and agenda item, organizations might carpet-bomb their staff, dropping thousands of copies on Aka! on their desks. Participants join the community and touch base with potential co-learners. Or something more directive.
I don’t know where my project is headed. It’s funded out of my pocket. It’s just me. Part-time. It’s an experiment. Wouldn’t it be cool if people were more enlightened, self-driven learners?
I recall the time in the book where I began a presentation saying, “I’m glad to be here because I’m really looking forward to hearing what I have to say.”
I’m practicing the story in different situations.
I dashed out a four-slide presentation to use for the healthcare opportunity. That PowerPoint will morph into a mind-blowing capability statement in short order.
July 28. I need to provide implementation advice for an organization that wants to roll out Aha! for corporate change. Now I have no choice but to develop an admin guide and implementation plan.

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