Started the day with a yoga session. Attaboy! This has to become my next habit.

Everything’s cool except this came in from the person who’s doing the cover and layout of the book:

Antony was been taken ill at the weekend and won’t be available for the rest of the week. I can only apologise for any trouble this has caused you. We are only a small team and this has had a severe impact upon our productivity.

I understand if you need to get this project finished quickly and in that case I can give you a refund so that you can find another provider. If you are able to wait until next week to pick this up that is also no problem. Just let me know what you prefer.

Lesson: when dealing with unknown subcontractors, best to have a Plan B in mind.

I’m almost through reading The Body Keeps the Score. The author seems to have been involved with every therapy imaginable. The book’s a smorgasbord of therapies. I’m most intrigued with EMDR for no one seems to know how it works. I wonder if you couldn’t have DIY EMDR on the computer screen.



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