When I was an Army officer (yes, it’s true), the protocol was that if you had a troop do 20 push-ups as a punishment, you dropped to the drop and did 20, too. It was sort an extreme practice-what-you-preach thing. Likewise, I don’t feel I can ask others to maintain a frequent Plog if I don’t do so myself.

I’ve been learning little technical things, just trying to get ready for beta-testing and sales. This morning I hooked up my sales plug-in and mail chimp. Now I have to figure out how to send mail. And set up automatic customer service letters. I’ve also continued to get used to MS Word and Photoshop. The iMac in the lab can’t get a wifi signal, so I’m working on that, too. Also figured out how to send review copies.

In the meantime, I’ve been neglecting news and developments, putting all my time into Aha!

My more general learning is working with freelancers. I’ve got a guy in the UK working on page design, formatting, and the cover. I said I was happy with my existing cover; it just needed tweaks. Existing cover:


This morning I received two alternative designs:

Aha-Cover ahacover2

So I’m getting a lesson in vendor management. I thought I’d been clear.

On another note, I started the day with 30 minutes of yoga. It’s a good onramp for the morning.

I’ve begun reaching out to my community. Getting advice from experts and asking for introductions and help with publicity. I naturally shy away from making phone calls, preferring the written media. However, in this case I must go face-to-face to get the word out.


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