yogaI have become obsessed with my book. There’s lot to do, of course, and it feels rewarding. I can think of myself as an author and designer. However, I’m authoring to the neglect of my other goals. I want to be more mindful, living in the now. My Rx is meditation, yoga, and heartmath breathing.

I just finished an hour long yoga lesson. I’ll be seeing Barbara, my instructor, only once or twice a month. I’m going to begin each day with a yoga routine. Hence, less need for the weekly sessions I’d been doing.

The lab will be my yoga studio. First thing every morning. Barbara has written up a routine.

As for heartmath, it keeps score. I’ll shoot for three readings a day. Got to get control of my breathing.

Meditation is a toughie. I get impatient with it. Maybe christen this meditation week and try to do a session every other day. Should be a mix of guided and unguided.


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