Bookmarked my Plog

Duh. I want writing in my Plog to be a habit. So I bookmarked it and it’s among my top priority buttons to push

Thinking ahead on The Aha! Project.

This puppy is mine.

I am not good at customer relations. If this works, there will be lots of questions. I’m going to explain up front that for now that’s not part of the deal. This is a shoestring operation. An experiment.

Fill out a form if you must. (no, better to make this a wiki sort of thing. Or put on Google+. Or a Google list. Googlfy? Check Robin.

As I look around my scattered files, papers, bookmarks, and so forth, I realize that this is not the way to do it. Henceforth I  intend to write things once, keep them available on line, editable, commentable. Write once, read many. (Now that’s a major learning point!)

I would rather be the Jeff Bezos than one of the product-floggers.

It’s an experiment. That’s what I have to share with participants. This is not about buying a book, it’s seeing whether some go-getters can boost their intelligence and work smarter. I think they can. I’ve gathered the lessons of neuroscience and learning science, written my take on them, translated them into jargon-free simple language, and hammered them into a loose, malleable structure.

At the risk of dumbing things down, I picked what struck me as most important and practical. When people ask for a grand theory, I tell them it’s a lot of judgment calls. 75 ways to work smarter, learn faster and deeper, and advance your career. (And also easy to explain and something I’ve experienced.)

The book reflects my worldview. I believe in people’s basic goodness and nearly limitless capacity. Freedom! I am a champion of informal learning and believe that often the best learning comes from doing. Experience is a wonderful teacher.

The book is an experiment to see whether my optimistic vision is on the beam. Does any of this really change behavior? It would be nice to know how much. And where. That’s what this phase of Aha! is about.

Also, can a companion community achieve lift-off and be headed to self-sufficiency?

I have to kick myself every now and then to think about the big picture, or at least a slightly bigger drone-shot.

The people I need are those who are potential partners. (Think about that.) There’s a question. Who’d partner with us for test?


Should I shift the program to wiki?


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