Turning the page

I have been burning personal jet fuel to get Aha! .8 beta ready to go. We’re almost there. The online version has issues we’re going to deal with before going to print. Not that I don’t tweak it all the time, the manuscript is more of less in the can. Now I have to hand off clean-up to others so I can get into marketing and implementation.

Remember, the Aha Project! at this time is just me. I research the subject, write the words, make the links, conceptualize the models, and code the websites on my lonesome. I am trying to keep things open. If the Grand Experiment works, the community will gradually take over control for keeping things going.

When you become one of the honchos here, think back to this post. I told you about it way back when.

I store my deep knowledge in my friends. Several of them have their ear to the ground in publishing. I’m going to work the phone for their advice on how to wrap this up.

Just keeping track of the incoming material I see coming my way is beyond me. Who can I delegate things to? Have can I make things as self-supporting as possible. I am trying to put the machine in motion. As it gains momentum, I’ll need to find partners or investors to take responsibility for the project.

Any hoo, what I need to learn is how to be savvy enough to make a few decisions about how to publish a pdf product real soon now, a printed one several months thereafter. Real quick. Priority #1. I’ll ask Peter, Vivian, Curt, and on Jerry’s Kids. In fact, a plea to Jerry’s Kids might bring me the best pointers. My mind is shifting here. Who else has expertise in this? I’m guilty of going to people who are most accessible instead of people who are most likely to have the answer. I think the Jerry’s Kids idea is a keeper and I’ll put it in practice soon.


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