Learning e publishing

I need to understand e publishing and make it an available option for testing Aha!

I started with my bookmarks. Some of these are four to five years old and have gone silent. The field’s moving along at a good clip. Stuff to note:

Kindle Singles must have list prices between $0.99 and $4.99, and authors can choose the 70% royalty option for their accepted titles, even when the list price is below $2.99. Not appropriate for Aha! because a Single must be an Amazon exclusive.

Some formats allow comments, an interesting add-on. Could collect and fix typos, suggestions from readers.

Might release for free, then charge $.99 to $2.99 for volume on Kindle. The higher figure increased sales.

For our book, we just went over to Elance.com and found someone for about $50 to read through our book and make minor edits.

For our book, we just went over to Elance.com and hired someone for $150 to whip up a great looking cover.  Done!

We hired someone for $50 on Elance to get our book in the proper format to upload to Kindle.  It’s that easy.

Saving as Filtered HTML

Once you have inserted your page breaks and are confident with the layout of your book, save your Word file to your Documents folder or Desktop in Web Page, Filtered (*HTM & *HTML)(for PC) or Web Page (.htm) (for Mac) format. This format is required to build a successful eBook.

Uploading Your eBook For Sale on Amazon

Once you’re satisfied with the quality and presentation of your book, upload the Word file to KDP. Within KDP you can add your cover by uploading a product image, which will be added automatically to your book file during publishing.

Once you complete the remaining metadata in KDP and click Save and Publish your book will appear for sale on the Kindle Store approximately 12 hours after clicking “Save and Publish.” Within 48 to 72 hours, all other book features should be available on the detail page, such as the product description and links to related physical editions.

Next I turned to Robin Good’s curation of eBook Publishing. https://liber.io/ creates epubs from Google Drive. I’ve got to try it.

This got me into editing the doc some more. A diversion but necessary. And I’m supposed to vary my learning assignments to remember them better. I may have to switch to MS Word to create HTML files, tables of contents.

Five hours later, I’ve updated the ahasite and fixed links in the Aha! text. On the way, I found yet more informative sources, but they will have to wait until the next version.

I’ve got to get back to epublishing and trying this Google tool.

Experiential learning on this: I now know how to use eLance. I’m hiring an editor to proof and edit. $330. eLance is a cool platform. You can check freelancers ratings, samples of work, and resumes. I’m confident the person I chose will be able to do the job.

I’m trying Liberio for creating an ebook. It sounds like a dream. After multiple attempts, I still have not gotten it to work.


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