Writing & joy

I am editing Aha! I’ve written a four-page outline of topics from the prior version. Now I’m writing the missing pieces and moving articles into a more logical order.

I borrow text from the prior version, doctor it up to fit the new structure, and write transitions. This editing is a lot less fun than creating things from scratch. I am not a fan of discipline, and that’s what it takes to do this detail work.

Until I learn how to do hi-res graphics, I am converting my images to high-contrast black and white:


I still need to learn how to keep images from moving around in Pages and how to convert graphics to 300 dpi.

I decided to use my son Austin as an example of an informal, self-directed learner. He craves stretch assignments. He describes the forecasting group as people with a fixed mindset who are unlikely to ever change.

I’ve got to get the basic text together. I keep discovering new things I want to add but I dare not do so until the package is together. Ditto improving the language.


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