The Body Keeps the Score

Began reading a new book this morning, The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk. I’ve been obsessing with writing Aha! I expect my NetWork will be more productive if I interleave it with other topics. A few points thus far:

  • Symptoms (of trauma) have their origin in the entire body’s response to the original trauma.
  • Traumatized people have a tendency to superimpose their trauma on everything around them and have trouble deciphering whatever is going on around them.
  • For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that the danger has passed and to live in the reality of the present.

Trauma is more prevalent than I’d realized. Rape, incest, military duty, spousal abuse: you’re talking one in three people in the United States.

Yet PTSD was not even recognized until 1980.

On how I learn:

I really want to retain this book’s messages, so I’d reread a paragraph if my first reading left things fuzzy.

As usual, I mark noteworthy sentences, usually summary sentences, with yellow highlighter. I review those passages by writing them down (as above).

I sometimes violate my own rules; I didn’t peruse each chapter in advance, go over the end notes, or read the last chapter. I was anxious to dig into the book.


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