My monkey mind

I awoke this morning knowing what I had to do next on the book project: convert the graphics to black and white. I did that. Looking at the text, I decided I needed an inspirational quote to being the Personal Learning Plan section. Once on the net, I found myself looking through the lyrics of rock songs, 25 of ’em. My mind drifted. I was no longer looking for quotations so much as just following links, hoping to find the perfect quote in the haystack of the internet. The odds were against me. I knew a more specific search would yield better results but I persisted in fooling around, just to see what I might find.

I have a mild case of ADHD, the inattention variety. I have to catch myself when I drift away from a project to get back on track.

ADHD is a problem and an opportunity. I lose focus when I let my curiosity guide me. This costs time. But I end up finding interesting but esoteric shit that most people never see.

For the next few days, I’m going to monitor my aimless wandering to see what it’s costing me.


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