My Learning Plan

My plan will be shorter than most because I am 70 years old and will probably die in the next decade.


  • brush up my skills with Adobe InDesign, MS Word
  • learn Photoshop or similar program in order to produce high-res images for printing
  • learn to draw graphics to support text
  • figure out how to publish eBooks
  • continue to learn about learning
  • figure out how to set up feedback and improvement system

Longer term.

  • create a vibrant community and keep it alive
  • publish Aha!
  • set up system for continuous improvement


  • Tour Greek Islands
  • Brittany, Normandy, barge ride


  • relax
  • fix irregular breathing
  • renew stamina
  • be more mindful
  • complete HeartMath
  • habit of daily Yoga practice

21C skills

  • get better at collaboration
  • lead by example


  • figure out how to have impact after I’ve gone

I want to be respected in my field. I don’t need to be famous but I would like to be known. I want to make my dent in the universe. Is Aha! the vehicle?


By the end of 2015, I will have mastered the skills I need to produce version 1.0 of Aha! and I will have done it.

By mid-2015, get the Aha! message to 50,000+ people


Need to learn social media marketing, marketing of ebooks.


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