Learning all day long

Want to learn a lot? Write a book. I’m chasing down topics for Aha! on the web and books. One link leads to another. Isn’t this ironic? I’m a champion of experiential learning and here I am doing book-learning.

Aha! has an Advisory Board of brilliant people who keep me on track. I recently proposed a learning model to organize the book:

modelThis went over like a lead balloon. The advisors pointed out that learning is not linear, particularly the experiential learning that I espouse. Real learning involves a lot of back and forth. I struggled to come up with a networked model that fit, finally arriving at:


These processes occur at both the macro- and micro-level. At the macro level, the model can provide the organization for Aha! At the micro-level, the brain is working on pieces of all of these simultaneously. All interact and influence one another. I can be at the beginning of learning one thing at the same time I’m far along on something else. It’s all connected, with each process influencing the others. Taken this way, the learning process resembles a network.


Checking the model against reality provides insight into how learning works. Hence, the model is pushing my learning. Is this the way it really happens? I wouldn’t have questioned the old model were it not for the intervention of the Advisory Board. In this case, they’re the Social in the model. They led me to Reflection and that sent me back to Just Do another model. Now I’m Reflecting once again on the model’s fit.

Today I started working my way through the Know Thyself exercises. I figure I’m the first guinea pig for Aha! I also want to provide examples for others.



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