How to set up a blog or Plog

A Plog is a personal progress log. You’ll set yours up in ten minutes. It’s entirely free.

Go to


Pick a name for your Plog. I chose jaycrossprog. This will make the internet address of my Prog


Click No Thanks. The free version will do just fine.


Choose a theme. Themes define how your data is displayed. Don’t worry too much about this, because you can change themes at any time. I chose the Hemingway theme for this Plog.


The free plan provides all you are going to need. Select Free.


If you really want to dig into all aspects of blogging, try the Blogging 101: Zero to Hero list of activities. I suggest you skip this for now and come back later.


Click “Customize Your Site.” This will let us add some widgets, mess with colors, change the header image, and a few other things.


You can change your selection of widgets, so once again, don’t worry too much about your initial selection. I chose these widgets which will appear in the column next to my text:

calendar — which will keep me honest by showing what days I’ve made a post

meta — which makes it easy to open the site for editing

search — because if your Prog is private, the search engines aren’t going to find it

recent posts — for quick review of recent activity

tag cloud — to show what type of posts I am making


Go ahead. Write something. Save it when you’re done.


My Plog is Public. You probably want yours to be Private — anyone with the URL can read the Plog. If you’re really security conscious, set a password.


Click Site Admin to make, edit, or delete posts or pages (a page is an undated post). The Admin menu lets you tweak all aspects of your Plog.


Congratulations! You’re up and running. You can return to the printed book.

To learn more about WordPress, check this out.

When you’ve published a post, you may come upon a screen like this:


To get back to the menu that let’s you add new posts and pages, simply mouse over “My Sites.”

Whenever you write a post, be sure to tag it. Later you can use the tag to call up similar items. The tags I use on my Plog are:

  • Self analysis
  • Daily Reflection
  • Learning Plan
  • Reminders

I’ll probably add more tags as I go forward.


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